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Bowel stuck

Hi everyone looking for a little advice...

So when I had my lap they said no endo was found despite having every symptom but when the dr came round to see me when I'd not long been woken up she did mention my bowel was stuck she didn't say to what or give me much more information does anyone have any advice or know what could be wrong?

Thanks everyone and merry Christmas xx

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I think you need to ask for the full notes from your lap to get more information. Was the lap done by a BSGE specialist?


Yes do you get notes sent or you do have to ask the doctors? No it was just at my local hospital xx


I think you need to ask for them.


Yes, ask for your notes, but if anything's 'stuck' I imagine something needs doing.

Ask your GP to refer you to a 'BSGE Centre': they are the 'Endo Specialists' of the NHS - assuming you are in UK that is. Check out BSGE Centres on the 'Endo UK' site - link at top of page. Hope this helps.


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