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It's wasn't all in my head!


Hi guys,

Bit of a random post but it's a happy one from me (for once).

I am currently 12 days post op (from my 4th laparoscopy - 3rd lap which included removal of endo - as i was told at my 1st lap there was nothing there). My surgery ran over and I was down for some time (between 3.5 - 4 hours), so I was aware that something was there but had not been seen by consultant so did not know what, so I am over the moon to have finally got hold of my post op report.

Had endo on my left pelvic sidewall and left side of pouch of douglas they removed the endo with scissors and used the diathermy under where they had cut away. My right ovary was stuck to my right pelvic sidewall. My right ovary adhesions were cut away. My left ovary looked normal and my fallopian tubes passed the dye test so they are working.

I am soo happy that my tubes are working and that there is an explanation for my pain.

Just got to focus on getting back on my feet properly, (as this time the surgery has well and truly knocked me for six and am struggling to keep my pain under control!), wait for my periods to kick back in from the Zoladex injections and PCOS and hope that the surgery will provide me with some pain relief once I'm heald!

Just wanted to share my good news and to remind people to persevere and try and stay positive!

Lots of love.

Holl x

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Glad you finally have some answers Hun. Take things easy and don't rush yourself. Have a lovely Christmas and a much better new year.

in reply to JeanOsborne

Thank you Jean. Hope things are good with you. Merry Christmas & hope 2017 is a good one! Xxx

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