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New here

Hi, I'm new to this and have never posted before,

It all start with a very server sharp right hand sign pain and I was take. Into hospital with suspected apendix, only to find it wasn't and was sent home with antibiotics, with my own reasearch into the pain I was experiencing I found that I possibly had endometriosis, so I went to my pg with my concern,

I had nearly every symptom that I could see on the internet but before reading into this I wasn't aware that the symptoms and pain weren't just normal symptoms and period pains.

I recently seen a gp who specializes in gynecology, and she suggested I try the merina coil first, but they would do this under general anesthesia as I've had no children,

I just wondered if anyone has refused hormone treatment and been offered anything else, my main concern being I have another condition in my legs called lipodema which is a fat distribution disorder, very painful and swollen legs, which is affected and could become worse with hormone change.. and this is something I don't want to risk ..

she has book me in for a pelvic scan and internal scan to look at my ovaries and a review appointment in a month so hopefully get some answers then

Gemma x

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Hi there and welcome. The only Treatments for Endo are either symptom relief (analgesia) hormonal (pill, coil, gnrh) or surgery where they prove ineffective or symptoms severe . Surgery is however also a potential contributor to the condition through scarring and adhesions.

A good overview of treatments is here: endometriosis.org/treatments/

I would read up on all treatments and then explore the options at your follow up appointment post scan and raise your concern to see if any of the others is less likely to flare up your existing condition.

Hope this helps. X


Personally I wouldn't go there with the coil mirina or not never heard much good ever comes of it. I had it once as emergency contraception it wasn't the mirina one just a copper coil but I had it totally sober no anaesthetic at a nhs contraception clinic. It was agony and I came away feeling like id had an abortion on a kitchen table !!. It wasn't an abortion just 5 days after unprotected sex. I bled like hell and could hardly walk. The nurse who did it was a cow and treated me like some wayward waif and stray that should be punished kind of attitude like something from the 50's or something lol. A nicer nurse allowed me to sit in her car until I could walk and stop crying. I had to have it taken out after 5 days a sit was agony. I wonder if my endo problems started here as the pain and trouble I get is always in the same area I felt the coil go in. Zolodex or prostrap is a better way to go or maybe even progesterone depot injection with the progesterone injection you would at least get an idea of how you tolerate the hormone as mirina is progesterone. The Mirena is supposed to thin the lining of the womb but if you have endo elsewhere it wont help I don't think - maybe check yourself but I think it only affects the womb lining. Good luck and hope you get some help. Also bear in mind that zolodex usually is only for 6 months and not a cure it can come back. I didn't realis this in the early days so best to be prepared mentally for that. Hugs xx


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