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Just diagnosed with polycystic ovaries

Hi all, to cut a long story short I was admitted to my local gynae ward following being rushed into A&E in severe pain due to my endo, and mysterious ovarian pains. The overall plan was to get the pain under control, however as this was my fourth pain related admission to that A&E alone in three months they decided to do an internal ultrasound and discovered I had polycystic ovaries. And I'm not joking when I say I had more cysts than I did ovary. Now, they told me two things on finding them. 1: I had polycystic ovaries but not PCOS, yet. And 2: There's no point removing them as they'll just grow back. That was it. I don't really know anything about them, and before anyone says "oh why don't you just google it?" Have you ever tried googling a health issue?! Worst idea ever.

Will they really just grow back immediately after removal so is there no point in surgical intervention? Will I develop PCOS? How will this affect my fertility, especially as I already have endo and have had it removed from my ovaries? Any help greatly appreciated, thank you :)

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I would know nothing about endo if I hadn't googled it many years ago. That is where we have all got our info from, including finding sites like these.


I also have PCOS & Endo... in regards to PCOS the cysts come and go, I had an ultrasound which disganosed it then at a later ultrasound for something else there was no trace, but the GP said that's the nature of PCOS, it comes and goes. You can have surgical treatment if I remember rightly in certain cases, however, as with endo, it's not a 'cure' but can alleviate symptoms for a while etc.

In regards to fertility etc it would probably be best to discuss with your Dr/Nurse. As with anything of this nature it can effect your fertility however for many it doesn't. If it does, there is lots they can do to help out in regards to various medications and treatments etc that can help so I wouldn't worry yourself just yet as it may not even be an issue for you :)

I found information more readily available online for PCOS then for Endo so it would be worth researching it, just stop reading when you see the scare stories! Lol.

Best wishes for the future, and don't be afraid to make an appointment with a Dr or Practice Nurse etc to discuss your options or ask questions x


Hi, thank you so much for replying.

I had a chat with my gynae who said I may need IVF in the future as it sounds like my ovulation was irregular prior to me being on the pill, so that in conjunction with the endo may lead to conception difficulties. However she also said it wouldn't cause my ovarian pain and that is more likely to be the endo. So that means I may have endo on my ovaries (I had it on one ovary before) and I have heard that surgical treatment on your ovaries can lower your fertility?

Thanks again for replying and have a happy christmas :)


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