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Severe endometriosis


On 8th Dec 16 post laparoscopy I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis :( as well as damaged blocked Fallopian tube, scarred ovaries and been told I need treatment. My left side has no issues... I am told to take zoladex for 9 months followed by laparoscopyand then I can start trying.

But I have read people have got pregnant without zoladex... I want to get pregnant asap. As anyone got pregnant post laparoscopy and has severe endometriosis? How long did it take to get pregnant?

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Zoladex also called goserelin is a gnRH agonist treatment that suppresses oestrogen. It's used for pain and can work to reduce the size of endo implants which may theoretically increase your chances of fertility as would surgery. I'm not sure it's always recommended pre surgery though. Return to fertility after is individually variable but there are some stats here

It's your body, you can decline to have the zoladex or for that matter any treatment that you feel isn't right for your but do talk it through fully with your practitioner so you understand their reason for the original advice fully and the consequences of a change of plan. They will also understand better what is important to you to be able to take it into account..


As well as reducing the size of the implants it also insures that after when these implants 'shrink' and you come off there isn't as much as a chance that the endo will grow back again making it more difficult to conceive.

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