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Help infection?

Hi everyone so its been just over a week since my laproscopy, despite all my medical notes and me telling the docotrs and nursers I get urine and kidney infections very easily and them telling me they would be using a catheter during surgery to empty my bladder, I was sent home with no anti biotics as a precaution because of my history of them and what a suprise I have a severe urine and bladder infection. Also what's concerning me is I think where they cut my belly button may be infected its a little wet looking and has a slight smell? Has anyone experienced this could it be an infection in the wound?

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Call them and get some antibiotics! Sounds like an infection. I'm on day 3 of healing from my lap and I don't have those symptoms.


I had exactly these symptoms about 4 days after lap a week and a half ago. I went back. The in house doc did give me antibios but said some infections can be flushed with lots of water so I gave it 24 hours of copious drinking and he was right it cleared and settled down. ABs upset me so I was pleased to avoid taking them.

The wound seepage through the dressing had a light smell and was yellow. I was a bit worried and got him to check them while I was there. They were completely fine. I think in an infection the quantity of gunk is higher and the small far worse. If you are worried though do go see a nurse or the hospital. They had me back in super quick so are on the watch for post surgery infections.

Take care and hope this helps x


I had an infection after mine too. Went to doc and said I wasn't healing properly, was put on a course of antibiotics which cleared it up. X


Call them and get your practice nurse to take a swab sample (since it's moist), then in a few days they'll know 1) if there are any bugs, and 2) what specific Antib's will kill. Take their advice, accept any prophlactic antibiotics they want you to have. Your practice nurse will be able to supply you with replacement dressings too.

To look after your wounds:- Keep them clean, once a day gently remove dressings and let the shower water play over the area (talk to your nurse/doctor about using Hibiscrub as a shower gel...it's the antimicrobial handwash surgeon's use to "scrub-up", and also what cardiac patients use as a shower gel pre-op). Carefully dry area gently using something non-stick like new kitchen roll. Keep the area covered while the wounds are moist...bug love moist wounds. (if there's more infection your practice nurse might want to use different dressings that you need to keep on for a few days to work).

Your body is amazing and working with you on healing. Relax and try not to stress, even if there is a bit of infection there, it's easily fixable.


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