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zoladex implant

came to a and e yesterday from the pain of my endo and cyst, my doctor has advised i go on the zoladex injection for 6 months and have a laposcophy on tuesday to remove the cyst. but me and my husband have been trying for a baby for two years. is this our only option? and surely after 6 months do the injections the endo will just grow back again and be back to square one. has anyone got any advice please

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zolax injection does help a little advise before injection ask to numb the area in your tummy first this does help the implant. Endometriosis does come back just follow the advice of the doctors.

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Very good advise small needle to numb .


Of course it will go back to square one. I tried it before. Took three doses, one shot per month. I was relieved but it came back again. My Obgyn said there is no permanent cure for endo.


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