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New to all of this

Hi everyone! I have just joined, I have constantly been on Endometriosis UK website for all updates and reading stories then I came across this amazing site! I am completely new to all of this, I have been having the pains (we all know how bad they are) for about a year now and two months ago finally met with a gynaecologist where he explained it all to me! I am booked in for my laparoscopy surgery on 5th January! I have mixed emotions on the whole thing, some days, usually the days the pain is unbearable (like today) I am so down and can't seem to think of a positive! The one thing that hit me hard was my gynaecologist explaining it can have a big effect on having children, I can now see it's only a possibility, however can not get my head out of the space of thinking "what if I'm the one it does effect".

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