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Bgse no surgery to complex

Hi all.

Yesterday I finally met the surgeon I'd asked to be referred to over a year ago. She wants me to try injections to bring on the menopause as she says the surgery would be very very complex with a very very high risk of causing bowel problems.

This I but my op was booked for next tuesday they could have to me this 6 months ago after the mri.

The most frustrating thing is that she tells me Al my debilitating symptoms are nt endo. This contradicts Wat I was told in may at my first app with the bgse. So now iambackto square one with no idea where t go next ent and neurology wrote me ooff.

I have constant wooziness,dizzy spells, a sense of moving me than I am, headaches, constant heartburn and indigestion, sinus problems my face swell up daily at moment, often get head old n feel fluey... there is more.

At least I won't be recovering very Xmas jst feeling sh*t Al the time instead. After 3 1/2 years of these symptoms I'd like to live for a change instead if barely existing and being house bound.

To top it all off I have a other uti so 4th ot of antibiotics in months since having ureter stent in which needs to be changed in Jan. 😩

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The symptoms you listed sound ENT related, so hope they can help. I am also having ENT problems, and seeing a 3rd consultant next week, they all seem to say something different! Last one said my adenoids are constantly infected and need to be removed, even though I had them removed as a child?!

Gyno also recommended to me to have drugs that mimic menopause for the endo pain. They seem to be avoiding the surgery routes as much as possible now, I money thing I guess. I opted not to have the menopause drugs, as already suffer with mental health problems, so don't need to make them worse!

Do you drink a lot of water? And cranberry juice? For the infections?

What symptoms do you have that you think are endometriosis?



I'm under another ent but no luck so far. I have tiredness, pain,bowel pain, foggy head, breast pain as well as all listed before. I had to stop all supplements as instructed by pre op so can start some again but many will have to wait until I finish the current antibiotics. I've finally been referred to a balance clinic but not until end March so will be 3 3/4 of a year I've had these constant problems. Also been thru physio which made me worse. The cerezzete has helped the endo pain but given me headaches, heartburn and indigestion as well as putting on weight which is impossible to lose as I can't exercise. They said to give the I jections a try. I did say I get side effects so well see what happens. I can always stop them I suppose.


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