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Pelvic Physio


Following a lap 2 and half years ago where a chocolate cyst was removed I had lower left sided pain which gradually got worse where 8 months later I had to give up work as it can be so physically debilitating. After seeing various medical professionals I'm now under a pelvic pain clinic and a women's physio therapist. I also have major bladder problems which also seem to be getting worse. My physio thinks I have a problem with my pelvic floor which I do believe but can't really understand why it's made so much worse when due a period or around ovulation and I can hardley walk or stand with this pain anyone else have similar? Ive been seeing physio for about 8 months and so far I've only done a bit of deep breathing and the last 2 times I've seen my physio she has got me to do squeezes as if you're stopping wind in between deep breaths, I'm more than willing to give it a go and I have tried but it just really messed with my bladder and it's like trying to pee out of a pinhole so I'm just completely put off doing it as I had urine retention in August so wanna avoid feeling like I can't pee properly and I'm already on my 4th uti since Oct...

Just wandered if anyone else is seeing a women's physio and has had similar Issues??

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The reason it's worse during your period is because when your in pain your nerves act up and you tense up which is going to further agrivate the pain. If you curl up around something your also tensing up your pelvic floor.

Plus during your period your uterus contracts to get rid of tissue that's what cramps are.

During ovulation your ovary releases an egg which can cause pain too.

Over time your body gets so used to tending that your muscles stay permanently tensed up and become 'too short' and overactive. This can lead to 1 muscle taking over the space for another one.

Also if you use tampons your giving you Pelvic Floor something small to clench around and shape themselves to.

Also when you walk your pelvic floor connects your legs to your upper body so when in pain and when they muscles tense up your legs may give out because it's hard to move when your tensed.

I hope this helps:)

I was able to deal with mine but I never had urinary issues, mine were pelvic pain.

Sounds horribly familiar. Just had a full hysterectomy for severe endo and three large endometriomas (chocolate cysts). It is as if my body is normal again. The best bit is I can now have a drink without it "running down my leg" 30 mins later. My bladder works again!

I am still getting that horrible side pain when I do too much ( op 3 months ago). Saw the doctor last week and was reminded how much was done to remove the endo. My bladder, kidney and urethra had to be cut free from the cysts and endo. I'm now going to a physio and he told me a few things that rang true. I was scared to move and as a result have no core strength left. As I think back over the years - the time ovulation and periods hurt the least was when I was physically fit and active. So it may help you. He is working on strengthening my core so my abdominal muscles do the work instead of my insides being tugged and pulled every time I twist or move and causing pain. Dr also told me to keep up pain killers even if only mild pain so my body can relearn to move instead of instinctively protecting itself against hurting more.

Maybe it's time for another scan to see what is going on. We put up with pain and just live with it. Wish I'd done something years ago.

Good luck


Hi dasprior thanks for your reply. That does ring very true about losing all core strength as I kept moving to a minimum for a long time after giving up that's alot you've had done I hope you continue to feel the benefits and have a pain free recovery it sounds like you've been through alot! Yes I think your right I need to push for another scan... x

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