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...... after 8 years !!!


Following my diagnostic lap in March I was told by general Gynaecology that as my bowel, uterus and POD where all stuck together there was nothing they could do as surgery was too dangerous. I was offered Zoladex for 3 months to see if his eased my symptoms. With guidance and support from several ladies on this site I went back and asked for a referral to an Endometriosis Specialist. I was informed that I would have to go back to my G.P and ask for this which I did. Finally an appointment arrived in September and of I went to my appointment to be told I had been referred to the IVF clinic ..... from there I was then referred onto Castle Hill Endometriosis Centre in East Yorkshire. I met the consultant on Friday and cried with relief when he told me he could operate as part of a multidisciplinary surgical team and hopefully ease my discomfort. I have to have few more investigations but once done should have my op in 3/4 months.

...... finally after 8 years Im getting somewhere ! Dont give up and get referred to the people that know .Thank you to the ladies on here for your encouragement and support XXX

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Glad you are finally getting the treatment that you need. It's awful that you were told there was nothing they could do.

Good luck hope it goes well x

I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles. My mum is currently waiting to be diagnosed and because of her history with endo, our GP sent her straight to a specialist. There really needs to be more specialist centres as it's such a terrible condition. Good luck with everything! x

So pleased to hear this, and I hope that all goes well. Please do as Lindle suggests.

Also, would you consider putting another post on here, where you make it obvious in your first line - first words - about the importance of being referred to a BSGE Centre??

Many, many of the posts on here are from people who -like you - have experienced a trawl through non-Endo Specialist Gyneas, before (if they are lucky) ending up at an BSGE Centre after years of suffering and (often) pointless treatment by GPs and general gynaes.

I don't understand why this is not more of a major feature in 'Endo' campaigns, but the women on here are still not getting a clear message about BSGE Clinics, and it's not possible to answer everyone of the posts. If there was something eye-catching in your post , then maybe more women would click on to read the full detail.

NB 'Endo UK' might tell you off - or even take down this post - because you have mentioned the name of the BSGE Centre.

But, wonderful news. Congratulations also on your persistence and courage!!

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