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Bright red blood

Hi ladies so it's 3 days since my lap Iv been having brown ish discharge which I was told would be normal. However today Iv been suffering with signs of a urine infection I think due to the catheter they used to drain my bladder. I have just been for a wee sorry if to much info and Iv noticed a bright red blood coming away it was a bit like a nose bleed it was dripping rather than just when I wiped. I'm slightly concerned but not sure if it's just normal. Would be really greatful for any advice thank you xx

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Hello I had my laproscopy three weeks ago and the exact same thing happened to me. I even went in to visit my consultant I was so worried about it. He gave me antibiotics as a pre caution but it turns out it was just my period which had come 10 days early due to the op. If you are concerned ring your doctor or nurse and ask to get your vitals checked but take comfort in knowing it has happened to others, hope you are feeling better soon x


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