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Loss of sensation during sex

I can't find a happy medium. It is either painful or I have no sensation at all during sex.

Does this happen to anyone else?

I can find loads on pain but I'm having trouble finding any information on lack of sensation causes.

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I had this problem before I treated my Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, I couldn't even feel myself kegel around my physiotherapists fingers.

I would really recommend seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist who can help you build up your muscles.

How pelvic floor dysfunction happens is your in pain and when your in pain you clench up, your pelvic floor muscles clench up and eventually become either over or underactive. Your most likely overactive (too short), for me that meant I wouldn't have any issues with incontinance and I would have worsening pain when wearing tampons. The reason tampons made my pain worse (and maybe yours) was because it would give my muscles something small to clench onto which their going to build around.

What tends to happen is you might have one side that's too strong and another side that's weak or have a muscle that's too strong and takes over the room for the muscle behind it to grow.

These muscles can push onto your erognaous zones which are full of nerves and cause you not feel anything or feel pain. If you do a kegel with your finger inside you might feel your nerves pulse. Your muscles also push some nerves forward which makes them more sensitive to stimulation.

Another thing that can happen is since your in pain all the time your nervous system has taken over which can result in you being more sensitive to pain since your nervous system has become so hot wired to pain that it's never really had time to pick up pleasure. What you can do for this is stroking, where you use 3 finger on your body with steady slow motion. If it makes your ticklish go slower.

What you can do for the muscles is hold 10 kegels 10 seconds with 5 second breaks, then do 5 quick ones 2 seconds hold 2 seconds release. Then do a kegel with your finger in and you'll feel a muscle on each side, use one or 2 fingers to release those muscles for 5 minutes each. First learn what pressure to use with your hand by making a circle with your hand then using a finger to apply pressure. I also massage my peranuim this way too.

Some women use a vibrator on their muscles to real ease them too.

You won't get better all at once but you'll be able to gain back sexual function.

Make sure to have enough foreplay too, most of us need clitorial stimulation to orgasm.

I also forgot to add that pain during deep penetration tend to be due to adhesions which need to be surgically removed. When your unaroused it can burn and feel like you've been shot, when you aroused it may feel like cramping and pain in your legs, hips, and back. You may also experience pain afterwards or pain that's worsens after.

I hope this helps:)

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Hi. Thanks for your reply.

It isn't an issue with my pelvic floor muscles. They are and have always been very strong. In fact, nurses (and partners) have commented on how strong they are.

I've never had any issues with my pelvic muscles. In fact they are so strong that I've been asked if I do yoga. Yet I've never had to do any pelvic floor exercises.

It's a loss of sensation inside somewhere, possibly due to nerve issues? Or maybe a hormonal issue as I know that can affect feeling.

I don't know why it's happening exactly, I'll be telling the gynaecologist when I'm finally referred.

But I just wondered if it was an endo issue of whether I had something else going on.

It worries me because I go between feeling nothing to it being very painful. I think that although I'm convinced I have adhesions for other reasons, that the pain is caused by my large ovarian cyst as that's the side that hurts during sex.

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I thought the same thing, the problem with being strong is being too strong which is going to make you unable to feel that's what an overactive pelvic floor is. It's not good to be too tight and too short. Too short means they aren't relaxing.

I have strong muscles too but it wasn't till I learnt how to use them and massaged them that I was able to feel anything. I also couldn't relax my floor properly and needed someone to train me how to do that and I found that helped a lot.

The overactive one is harder to find in people and less well known. My first gyno didn't find it and my physiotherapist found it immediately.

Did the nurses say you were throng while kegeling or while you weren't?

It can also be related to a hormonal imbalance which you should get blood tests for.

It can also be related to something emotional, like if your so used to pain your not expencting to feel anything else, or your just not connected to the area.

You can also search up on google "Vaginal Numbness" which is the problem your having.

Pain during deep penetration is related to adhesions but loss of sensation so more likely related to muscles, nerves, or hormones.






I'm 36 and have never had this issue with loss of sensation until this year. But I've always had good muscles. So I'm highly doubtful that it's to do with that.

My muscles were relaxed.

I've always had very good control of my pelvic floor.

It's none of the things you've suggested I'm afraid.

It's a recent issue within the last year.

I know that it could related to hormones or nerves; I previously stated that.

I've tried researching and none of the information I have found is relevant, which is why I've asked on here as I want to know if it's related to endo or not.

But it doesn't seem to be directly related. So I'll wait until I speak to the gynae as to what it's caused by.


You might want to check this forum too.


Also do you get any superficial pain (at the opening)


No. No pain at the opening. The only pain I get is random nerve spasms or the ovarian cyst pain. I've joined that group but I can't find anything on lack of sensation during sex, sadly.


I would ask the group since the Puendal nerve can cause loss of sensation.

Mine was related to too strong muscles that couldn't relax but everyone is different.


Iv had the operation and yes I couldn't have sex for over a yr it would kill me with pain now I'm so much better . I had my operation 22th of July it hurt but I have other problems medically but it's completely changed my life for the better . Hope this kinda helps u no one had or talked to me about having sex and is it normal for it to hurt so much xxx


What operation? I don't understand. Did you mean to reply to my comment?

I was asking about loss of sensation during sex....


Soz I had endometriosis badly


Yes soz I was replying to ur comment about it hurting with sex ppl don't like talking much about it for some silly reason but I don't mind. I had the same sex problem and pains all the time I had endometriosis but had my operation bk in July and after the recovering I have found my sexy life and pain is 100% gone and better . see the gynaecologistand push for all u can to help u with this if u need an operation do it u will feel much better for it both of u xxx


I know this is an old post but I am experiencing the same thing. I push myself through sex because i want so badly to still have that intimacy with my partner, but i've found it's either painful or very uncomfortable with no pleasurable sensation at all. It feels like i have to fake the whole thing... I'm so upset as sex is such an important part of a relationship to me. :(

I hope you are doing well and that your problems have improved since your lap.....x


Hi. I'm sorry that you're going through the same thing. Sadly, nothinghas improved for me since my lap. In fact, it has been worse. We've not had sex in almost a year. Fortunately my husband is incredibly understanding. It's frustrating and upsetting but there is nothing that I can do about it.

I'm still awaiting more surgery, which I hope will improve my circumstances, in numerous ways. Fingers crossed that sensation is one of them.

I hope you find some way of working around your pain/lack of sensation.



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