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endo has negatively impacted my work, finances and life

endo has negatively impacted my work, finances and life


I have Endo on the bowel, had an op due another one. I also have hypothyroidism. I'm treating my conditions with prescribed medication, and surgical intervention. My question is if your health impacts your ability to work, and in turn you earnings how do you cope?

I've been working as a contract freelancer for 9 years, as due to my Endo symptoms painful periods and fatigue the full time work day tears a strip off me and by the time I get home the only thing I'm fit for is bed.

I once had a great job with a Pharmaceuticals company but they were not very understanding about the time off I needed for my Endo Op, and piled on the work ( that it took 3 people to do whilst I was away). When I returned to work following my op I quit , as my health had become my first priority.

I want to restart my career but know a full time job will wear me out. I seem to be in this cycle of doing a temp work contract of some sort for money then having 3 months off to recover.

It's like I have to sacrifice my wellbeing, sanity and health to earn dough. 3 years ago I sold my home and am living in rented and using the equity from the house sale to pay for things as the money i've been earning in a very adhoc way does not cover all my bills.

I am ambitious and want to settle into a career that I can progress in, make long term friends at work etc. The symptoms of the Endo have caused me to withdraw from important aspects of life and this has had negative consequences. If I compare today to my life 9 years ago, I owned my own place, had a partner, a great career, lovely car, holidays. My partner did not understand the illness, and just wanted me well, life does not work in such black and white terms does it! Endo is a life sentence.

I know compared to some people I just need to take life a tad more gently, however the demands of the modern workplace, the commute, and other factors just don't seem to provide a platform for keeping me well.

Today I am single, I live with my lovely little cat but like everyone I have bills that require the pay of a full time job. Has anyone found a way around this career, balanced with health dilemma? Especially with a new more understanding employer?

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Hey amandaamanda,

I wish I could give you some answers, but I can't. If you look to my most recent post, Breaking Point, you'll see that I had as much as I could take on Friday.

I don't know how I will ever balance work and the needs of my body, the closest I got was working as a waitress because the shifts are so flexible.

A supportive team and an understanding boss are the ideal. Where do you find that? You think to yourself, it's like this country wants me to apply for disability benefit!!

I am currently looking for something part time, preferably in the mornings so that I can use the afternoons to go shopping/make dinner/clean without exhausting myself.

There are jobs that demand less of you in terms of a commute and responsibilities etc, but they tend not to pay as well is the catch.

I am so sorry to hear you have lost the comforts of your old life and I wish you success and happiness in the life you have now. There doesn't seem to be a way to have the perfect working conditions for your body and its needs in a professional job but there will be a way. I am only sorry that I don't know what this is yet, because I am following the same pursuit as you!


Hi Disney girl , thanks for sharing your experience. I read your post and it resonates so much with my experience of struggling with full time office work.

It would be really helpful if we could both transition from where we are now to a position of empowerment and happiness. Today I feel fairly optimistic there must be a way. Our mind creates in the most powerful ways simply by focussing on what we want. I've been focussing and meditating on how I can make beneficial decisions and create a more sustainable career that balances my health needs with my ambitions.

I have decided to research EPS - employment support allowance. more information ( for you) here gov.uk/employment-support-a...

I have also applied for a part time office role and have been asked to an interview. I do hope working part -time will move me forward to a much more sustainable career, with opportunity to progress on the terms I need.

Work that supports your health is so important. As it's an important ENABLER , this paired with the support and understanding of the people we come across each day is so important. After all we are social and ambitious animals with or without health issues.

I suspect when I start working part-time I will likely come across others who are balancing lifelong health issues with career, and this may help me better articulate my challenges and needs to others. I am visioning creating the wealth I need in life through work that engages me on the terms I need to better manage my health and social needs.

Keep your chin up, when things are bad, the cycle of life means they simply must improve - girl power right at ya! xx


You are so right, the very best of luck for your interview and everything else girly! It's so nice to know we all have each other xxx


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