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Thoughts on a hysterectomy ?

I am in my early 40's, but could not face the 'menopause' symptoms yet, but the nurse last night sung the praises of a hysto and said if they can leave the ovaries you don't all the symptoms of menopause until when it happens naturally - but with the ovaries still there does that mean endometriosis remains in the body? She had endo and fibroids and said it was the best thing she ever did!

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Hello I'm 39 and had endo, adenomyosis I'm 4 weeks into recovery of a full abdominal hysterectomy, I had my ovaries removed as my consultant advised if I didn't the endo would return.. I'm on HRT and my menopause systems are managable :-) I was on gonepeptyl menopause induced injection and HRT 6 months prior to having the hystectomy this also tested how I would cope on HRT with being young. The hystectomy op itself is no easy ride but 4 weeks in I'm getting better day by day! Main benefit I'm immediately feeling is no pain (other than obvious recovery pains) I mean no pain shooting down my legs, stomach cramps, clotting has gone! And altogether I have more energy :-)

Good luck make sure it's the right decision because it's a big one :-) xx

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It really depends on what disease you have, and your surgeon. Removing your uterus alone will only help if you have adenomyosis. If you just have your uterus removed, and your ovaries and all the endometriosis tissue is left, you will still have all the same endo symptoms although you won't have periods. Whoever does the surgery must excise all the endometriosis at the same time. I have also been told that leaving the ovaries in place increases the chance of the endometriosis returning. I am due to have a hyst + removal of ovaries + excision at the end of march. I am 39. I have adenomyosis, rectovaginal endo, bowel endo, bladder endo, hydrosalpinx, endometriomas. Everything is basically trashed and the concern is that if I have just excision surgery, the post op scarring will make further surgeries too risky so if the endo returns or I decide I need a hyst for the adenomyosis later, I won't be able to have it because it will cause too much damage to the bowel.

If you are considering this please make sure that you are being seen at a bsge endometriosis centre and not just by a general gynae and get the opinion of multiple doctors. It's a major and very final surgery.

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Joreilly is right this is major surgery and must be done by BSGE surgeon.

I didn't know about BSGE when I had my total abdominal hyster and ovaries removed so the General gynae left endo behind believing it would die off without ovaries - it doesn't. So I'm in more pain and waiting excision surgery now almost two years on.

Also if ovaries left after hyster it is more likely you'll go into early menopause as it's basically a shock to the system so the ovaries shut down so you'll probably have menopause within 2 years of hyster. Check out hysterectomy associations website for loads of useful info and advice.

Personally I'd say that nurse is really lucky and she should know everyone has a different experience and you have to make the decision that's right for you.

Good luck.


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