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finding proper care

Hi all....im 38 years old and nearly a year out from a hyster due to adeno or so I was told....I have endo on my cul de sac :-( I currently live in Denmark and I'm really struggling to get the proper care and help :-( I'm in daily pain....I have lost 45lbs in 8 months and the medical people here seemed to washed their hands of me....I am still fighting to get answers about my hyster surgery((what was done and WHY))I have my surgery report but even a nurse who is family member is totally confused by it!!!! I have spoken to a few diff specialists/surgeon about it and the details change everytime...so many redflags for me!!!! I have been told my endo is now GONE...BUT how can this be wen I learn 'excision' is NOT performed in DK!!!!! I'm just so confused and scarred.....I had my last MRI 3 months ago....a tumor was spotted in my pelvic area...plus a growth/something((their words))on my liver...but I'm told not to worry and I will have another MRI march next year!!!! WTH!!!! ..it would seem they are 100years behind in the field of endo :-( I'm originally from Scotland and considering returning there or either England for help and care

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I'm not sure anyone is great on the treatment of endo, but it does sounds particularly bad.

I hope they meant endo in your pouch of Douglas and not cul de sac :-) If you do think about coming back to the UK you want to see a BSGE surgeon - bsge.org.uk/

The growth on your liver maybe diverticulitis which is very common as we get older. I have had that confirmed by many along my endo journey so don't be too worried about that. I too had a hyster due to adenomyosis as well as endo, so had my ovaries out, but it wasn't done by a BSGE surgeon so I'm in worse pain that before and am now awaiting full excision by a BSGE clinic. Sounds like you may have been similarly treated and I hope you get some help soon.


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