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First lap and scared

Hi I'm 16 and I'm finally having my lap for suspected endometriosis, I have been suffering with severely painful periods for years but in the past year and 1/2 I have had been in pain nearly every day. I am so worried they wont find nothing on my lap because I have had so many scans and they have never found anything thing but I have no idea what else could be causing me so much pain every day. I'm going privately but with my same consultant I would have on the NHS because they wouldn't do it because of my age and I just really hope this wont be a waste of my dads money!!! I just want the pain to be over I want to be able to have a normal life and actually go to college and spend time with my friends again rather than be stuck inside my house all day

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Dear of you I'm waiting for mine lap I know how you feel but you will be fine!! Hope you get on

Ok x


You'll be fine, I had one in 2010 and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Just take your time to recover afterwards.


Hi - if you are in the UK you shouldn't have to pay as NHS treatment for suspected endo is from age 16 and this includes having a lap if you choose.

The most important issue is who does the lap not whether they are NHS or private. We have specialist endo centres so if anyone has the funds to pay privately it is always best to see one of the surgeons who works at a BSGE accredited endo centre and not a general gynaecology consultant as they often miss endo. The links are below both to the NICE guidelines that underpin NHS treatment (and which specify that this applies from 16 onwards) and to the list of specialist centres.

I have a private FB support group if you would like to join as we can discuss surgeons and look them up to see how qualified they are.



FB group:




Thank you and yes I know that's what I said when I went to the nhs although I'm only 16 they can't expect me to be in pain every day !! But I was referred to a specialist so hopefully he is good !!


Just be aware that all gynaecologists are called 'specialists' but a true specialist in endo has additional training that they don't have.


Just because it hasn't shown up on scans doesn't necessarily mean you don't have it. I've had three ultrasounds before and it never showed on those (although on one it showed my uterus was tilted which can sometimes be caused by adhesions). Anyway when I had my lap they found mild to moderate so there was a substantial amount of it.


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