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Feeling confused

Hi all,

So on the 8 th of September I had a lap and a few other procedures done. After surgery the consultant popped his head in to say he found a bulky uterus which indicates adenomyosis and 'old,inactive' patches of endo which he burnt away and an adhesion at the back of the vagina. So I had my answers and off home I went to recover and deal with finally having a diagnosis.

After weeks of chasing my report from the surgery so I can see the diagnosis in black and white, I recieved a rather disappointing letter today which states I had a very 'uneventful lap, hysteroscopy and colposcopy'. Bladder was normal, inactive endo, scarring, fibrosis and induration at the top of both uterosacral ligaments and underneath right ovary and these had diathermy incase there was endo not visible to the naked eye. Slightly bulky uterus, anteverted uterus but fully mobile. No adhesions or polyps, Both ovaries and Fallopian tubes look normal, bowel very loaded and moved forward which is worth bearing in mind. To be seen in 4 months.

So after reading this, I feel very confused, no mention of adenomyosis, do I have endometriosis or not and what is the deal with the bowel comment? Now I feel worse than ever, 9 years of symptoms to meeting this fabulous doctor who finally diagnosed me and it wasn't all in my mind as they sometimes make you feel, to receiving this letter that's left me feeling like I'm right back at the beginning. Any advice welcome please, what would you do in my situation, I'm totally gutted. Xxx

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They won't confirm Endometriosis etc for definite until the histology report comes but looking at your report info it appears you do, I'd chace them up for it


Was you seen by general gyne or bsge specialist centre gyne, ???

It sounds like you defo gave endometreosis and a bulky uterus is evident of adenomyosis, ask for an MRI scan, that can help diagnose adenomyosis, but it's very hard to diagnose as they can't always see exactly where it is to take biopsy, see how you feel in a few months, hopefully what they have done will help your symptoms, but if not, defo get a second opinion, good luck xx


Thankyou for your replies, after some very good advice, in depth information and looking at my symptoms my general gynae's contradiction and labelling of inactive endo, which has no confirmation or evidence to suggest the concept of inactive endo even exists, I have been to my GP today, although apprehensive she has agreed to refer me to a BSGE specialist to get me a second opinion.


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