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Frustrated 😞

Hello. Hope you are all ok. Firstly, sorry for the rant!

I have a lap about 5 weeks ago and they found endo. I'm not sure which stage it was. I also had the mirena fitted. I felt as though I recovered well, I had two weeks off work so I didn't rush into anything.

About three weeks after my lap I had horrible discharge and pain. I went to the doctors and she took a swab, said it looks like an infection and put my on a course of Antibiotics. Turned out I didn't have an infection when the results came back.

My pain got worse, it hurt to laugh like it did after the lap and I feel as though I have taken ten steps back! My right side in particular feels sore, like I have the stitch and my rib hurts and feels bruised. I went back to the doctors on Friday and she said my rib feels like it is sticking out a little bit my abdomen feels fine. I asked why my rib is like that and she said she isn't sure but maybe the doctor was leaning on me?! Why would it get better and then start to hurt again? She is sending me for an ultrasound to check everything is ok but I have no idea how long the wait will be.

I honestly feel worse than before. I'm so hormonal, my breasts are sore, I have horrible cramps and then I pass discharge and my rib feels bruised 😞 I'm so sorry to rant like this but I feel as though I can't describe it to anyone else. She told me to go back to the doctors Tuesday so I can have a full exam. I'm so fed up of those! Is this normal? I just don't understand why I would get better and then worse.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Xx

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I'm not going to be any help as I'm in the same position as you, but I figure knowing you're not alone might be of some benefit. I had my lap and mirena 3 weeks ago. Had one lot of antibiotics for wound infection and was feeling better, until this weekend with severe wound pain and discharge, lower abdo cramping pain and backache. I'm heading back to the docs this afternoon and hoping for some relief. I hope you get some answers and your appt and feel better soon.

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Thank you for replying. I hope you get on ok at the doctors. I just don't understand why it feels worse than before 😞 feel better soon! xx

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Lots of hugs xxx sometimes it can take a while for bruising and the like to manifest I guess. Sounds like a few teething problems with the coil too. I've heard they take a few months to settle sometimes . Good luck with the scan and hope your symptmos ease up soon. X x x


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