Pre op assessment?

Hi, I've been booked in for a pre op assessment on the 5th of Jan next year but i wasn't given an operation date and now I'm seriously worrying that I won't get my operation until weeks or even months after the assessment I can't cope with the pain that I'm in its becoming more and more difficult to function each month, how long after the pre op did you have to wait for a surgery date?

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  • Hello. normally pre op Is a week before your operation

  • Hey thank you for replying hopefully that's the case with me

  • I got both letters together and the op date was only 2 weeks after. Maybe give your hospital a call as I keep having letters going missing! I doubt they would have much time between the pre-op and op as things can change but this is my first lap so maybe I'm wrong. Good luck!

  • Hey thank you for replying will definitely be giving them a call on Monday hopefully I get some answers

  • I got both letters together my pre op is Friday and op is Monday. I'm sure you'll get a date very soon.

    Good luck

  • Hello, I had the gyneocologist on Tuesday, at 10am. They decided that i need an operation, they then sent me to the pre-operation assessment straight away, they'll do an ECG Scan, Blood test (if you wonder how long they hold the blood, it is 3 months. So you know that it should be within that time). You'll speak to someone about you health, medications. If you wanted too, you're able to speak to an anthetic person about being put to sleep or if you want to change the hospitals that you are at. However, I've had the pre-operation assessment and I decided to do mine next year, so I have a chance at celebrating my 18th Birthday and spend Christmas with my family. They said that the waiting list is short depending on what kind of operation that you're having. It shouldn't be too long! Good luck! Xx

  • Hey thank you for replying :) hopefully it isn't a long wait will be keeping my fingers crossed lol

  • A couple weeks usually but can vary. Give the pre op department a call they should know the date.

  • Hi

    Just to put your mind at rest I had mine before I had my operation date and they said as long as it's within 18 weeks from pre op that's all they need and I've now had my laparoscopy so hopefully this will be the same for you.all the best


  • Hey thank you for replying I really got myself worked up after reading some of the waiting stories on this forum completely panicked that I may end up waiting months for this lap

  • I had a phone call on Thursday, and then the letter arrived today. I have my pre op assessment on fri 2nd and my operation on fri 16th. I tried to change my pre op assessment for a earlier or later day due to a mini break booked, but the lady on the phone said I had to have it otherwise I couldn't have my op and would be put back on the waiting list sometime next year.

    I've been so unwell for over two years now, and were going through infertility so i'm not rescheduling, nervous and excited....and I get a week off before Christmas.

  • Hey thank you for replying I hope everything goes well for you! I'm really struggling on getting pregnant too it's agony waiting every month only to be met with a horrid pain due to period I'll be giving a ring to the hospital so hopefully I get answers

  • It's horrible and upsetting were all going through this pain and heartache but comforting to know your not alone.

    Message me if you need support and good luck! X

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