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Finally diagnosed

After years of going back and forth to the doctors due to painful cramps and always being told that it'll go away once I give birth was so sickening that they assume it's usual menstrual dysmenorrhea without even having me undergo further tests and finally just this year I was diagnosed with endo.

I underwent the surgery via laser and is under decapeptyl injection. I am hoping and praying that I don't experience the pain after the treatment.

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Hi Kb02

It's so frustrating that doctors are willing to send people away with a diagnosis of 'dysmenorrhea'. Dysmenorrhea doesn't mean anything other than 'painful periods' - so it's as if they're saying 'the cause of your painful periods is ... painful periods.'

The 'once you give birth' thing is really frustrating as well - in fairness, I was never told this by a doctor, but I heard it a lot from friends and family. It's useless advice - a. I didn't want children; b. pain during sex and prolonged bleeding aren't conducive to conceiving; c. giving birth does not cure endo.

I'm glad you've been diagnosed at last and I do hope the surgery and injections work for you.

Best wishes



At some point i gave up going to the doctors as they've all said the same and i was just fed up of it... If it weren't for my mom who pushed me to go see a doctor again then I wouldn't have found out..

Im so thankful for this site as atleast I'm able to read about other people's experiences and finding out more from people

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