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I am currently working full time at a school and trying to do a college course and plan a wedding!!

I am soooo tired all the time especially when on my period and I am very behind in my college work but dunno how to tell my tutor has I haven't been told I have Endo yet going to see gynaecologist on Wednesday. My partner doesn't understand how tired I actually am!!!

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Lots of hugs I had a similar issue with professional exams, internal job interviews, and a project from hell. I did tell my boss about my gynae referral (he's male) and suspected condition and the symptoms it causes. They were great , supportive, sympathetic and agreed to let me work from home a day a week to help me manage fatigue, so don't be afraid to speak up. Perhaps you could explore deferring the college course module or get an extension if it all feels to much. I sat my exam treating it as mock anyway and somehow scraped through. You will find a way x x x


thanks I'm scared to say anything as I've not been diagnosed with Endo. Incase they don't believe me.


You have a hospital referral letter which would prove severity of your situation, just tell them it's a possible but likely diagnosis which might need diagnostic surgery to confirm and think about what you might want to ask for to help in the short term to get you through your difficult patch. I guess you could try to be more general saying your ill with a personal condition that upsetting to talk about and have had a hospital referral for investigation and diagnosis. If it's your boss directly you are worried about is there someone else at work you trust you could talk to? Alternatively if you can't take your employer into your confidence do you have some holiday leave to take? Only other option is for you to try to tough it out for a little longer and cut out personal stuff. For me the situation was unsustainable I had to sort some small work adjustments to cope physically. Think through your options and go with what feels best for you. Remember you don't have to be superwoman xx


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