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Cramps and rectal being before Period

I had surgery for stage 4 Endo about a year and a half ago and gradually symptoms have some back. They had separated my bowel and uterus from each other.

I started ivf last month and I am now the day before test day and I have had 2 days of intense cramping and rectal bleeding.

Since 3am this morning I have been back and forth to the loo every half and hr :(

It's doing my head in. It looks like the ivf failed and I have to stop my progesterone tomorrow which will bring on my period.

Should I be pursuing surgery rather than our next ivf try???

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Were you treated in a BSGE endo centre for your endo as that is the only place that can deal with that stage?


Yea I was at QA in Portsmouth. I am still registered with them and postponed an app with them because I was in 2ww. Now I wish I had kept it. My next one is not til end of Jan. I am considering asking for surgery before our next try but will nhs wait !?


This is something you would need to discuss with them, but the evidence is that surgery for deep endo has no effect on IVF outcomes (just draining endometriomas) so they are probably wanting you to try first. I should discuss it all fully with both the fertility clinic and the endo centre. x


I was thinking how the bowel will be effected if it's attached to the uterus as it was before.


It really is going to depend on your individual case really but if they are happy for you to wait then presumably they have checked that your bowel has not been infiltrated. One issue with getting pregnant with severe disease can be a painful pregnancy though due to adhesions. Will pm you.

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