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just diagnosed with Endometriosis

Hi ladies,

I had a horrible pain my lower belly and after several appointments with my GP and asking to be sent to gynecology I was sent to have an ultrasound - finally. I went to hospital on Wednesday and the doctor did the ultrasound and internal examinations. She said she found endometriosis but she could not tell me more, because she is not a gynecologist and that I would need to speak to my GP and discuss further details. Well, my GP is busy till next Thursday and I ‘m pretty nervous after reading several stories what endometriosis actually means. My company can contribute by £200 to have a check with private hospital and I am thinking that I should maybe book an appointment with some private gynecologist… Or am I just hysterical and should wait till next week to find out more? I feel quite desperate, they did not even tell me, how serious it is and whether they found it early or not… Me and my husband are trying to have a baby, but it has been just 4 months since we have started, so it is quite soon to come to any conclusion. Also, these last two days I feel pain in my whole belly, not just lower, which is really weird and I have to take pain killers to survive the pain. Has any of you had the same experience?

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I'm currently waiting for a diagnosis (ultrasound and laparoscopy) and have been seen fairly quickly through NHS. My appointment with gynaecologist was November, ultrasound and pre op assessment December and laparoscopy January. Please try not to panic when reading everyone else's stories online. Every case is completely individual and sometimes too much knowledge can be a bad thing. Some people have the most severe endometriosis with not too many symptoms and some have a small amount and very severe symptoms. I feel completely overwhelmed after reading so much about it! All I can do is trust that I'll get my diagnosis soon and I'll take it from there. It took me 20 years to get a doctor to actually pay attention to how poorly I am every month. I wasn't taking no for an answer this time! If you do go private you will be seen quickly but the costs can sharp add up! Maybe speak with your GP next week and discuss waiting times with them then. If endometriosis is advanced (stage 3-4) then you must be seen by a specialist in a BSGE centre! Be confident and calm in your appointment and know that you have a right to ask questions and get answers. Lots of luck to you 🙂


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