Hi guys..I've been constipated for years now and have had every laxative possible. It's been 11 days since I opened my bowels. Went into uni yesterday and had terrible pains in my rectum so left and went to walk in.

The doctor done a rectal exam which was clear done an x ray and saw plenty fecal impaction so gave me an enema. I let out 4 rabbit poos (lol sorry) and since then nothing.

I have still taken the oral laxatives as advised but I feel so uncomfortable.

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  • Have you tried Co-ton a 00? it is a herbal laxative that purports to encourage peristalsis it can be taken long term and is not of the relaxant variety so it doesn't give you diahorrea. Just a thought. Good luck x

  • Hi no I haven't..thank you for the recommendation I'll look it up x

  • I took Cascara Segrada and Sennca from health food

    If I keep things moving I do fine .

    Maybe do a bowel cleanse with that citrus from pharmacy

  • Thank you! At this point I'm willing to try anything lol. I've just been referred to a bowel specialist cos the docs think it's more serious than just constipation it's been 18 days today 😳 X

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