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I had a cannula in top of hand Feb 2016. very painful after 2 attempts with same cannula was finally in. was in a and e, it was very painful and never used, just in case they said. anyhow was released no treatment. from that day I experienced extreme pain, returned to a and e some 2 weeks later with agonising pain. doc said it was infection, gave me antibiotics, that was Friday, returned Tuesday to out patients, examined and x rayed, nothing untoward found. doc was baffled. said return if no better. went to GP who diagnosed tenosynovitis arranged physio, after 3 to 4 courses of ultrasound no improvement, arranged ultrasound scan, said it was inflamed but blamed wear and tear, arranged mri, had that 22nd October, got results yesterday I have tfcc tear and cyst on bone on side of wrist. says it's age wear and tear, I've insisted on a review I am in agony, can't rotate wrist or twist, feel like chopping hand off. I'm adamant this was caused by cannula as I never had problem before. anyone got any ideas, the pain so debilitating I can't stand it.

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No ideas just sending a big dose of love x ( very coincidental though )


Oh that's not good :-( What type of pain is it? If it is a sharp pain or tingly, numb or burning it could be where the cannula has damaged the nerve(s) that can be very painful and take a little while to heal.

Take good care of yourself and well done for not just accepting the first brush off :-)


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