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Hi, I had a full hystorectomy in Dec last year due to endo which had stuck my bowel bladder and ovaries together. But the last few months I'm in horrendous pain with my back, stomach and pelvic pain and my joints and legs r aching too and my stomach keeps swelling 😭 Does anybody suffer like this or have any idea what it could be? My doctor just keeps giving me pain killers 😩


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Hi Sarah, did you have excision along with hysterectomy and did you keep your ovaries? It sounds like the endo is back, so I would get another referral. I'm in the same boat. Had TAH and BSO in March. Although I had this done in a BSGE centre it appears as though he did not remove any endo at the time, and I'm now in more pain than I was before op. Waiting for a appointment with a different centre now and just hoping they can help.

It's awful isn't it when you go through so much and think that's it I'll be ok and then you end up back in the same situation.

I agree with JeanOsborne that it sounds like endo causing pain and you need to check out if endo excised at time of hysterectomy.

I too had TAH and BSO in Feb 2015 and been struggling with worse pain ever since and am now on waiting list for surgery to excise what was left behind and clear out any adhesions that have formed and put barrier in to stop more adhesions forming.

Get to a bsge clinic and go from there but be prepared for a battle as many will tell you endo can't grow after a hysterectomy and there are enough of us around to prove that just isn't true!

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