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Gym training with endo, adhesions and cysts

Hi everyone,

Are there any PTs out there? Or anyone who knows about this. I am waiting for my hysterectomy date, but want to get strong before surgery. I started with a PT but I seem to be in a lot of pain afterwards. We have been doing a mixture of weights, resistance and some cardio. I have deep endo with adhesions and cysts. and not sure if I should stop further sessions...

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Hi hun

I was really active before my endo/adenomyosis got bad and it literally stopped me in my tracks I was running a lot and I was in so much pain in my pelvis back legs after.

I now have physio with pelvic specialists and they have told me to avoid cardiovascular really or anything where I'm pounding or lifting anything heavy 😡 which I hate as I love the adrenaline of cardio exercise

They recommend I do yoga and pilates at first I wasn't keen but you can get some harder workouts and I actually think the yoga and pilates has got me stronger than cardio in my core which is what you what to get strong before your operation.

I would certainly say if you are in pain not just normal post exercise aches that it's not good for your body that's what was happening to me I was impressed agony after.

I hope this helps you.

Good luck for your operation xx


Thank you... is a hard change...


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