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Intro.....hello. Confused!

Hi all, new here and first post. Always had heavy, painful periods from when they started at 11 to when I was put on contraceptive pill at 16 for them. Came off pill about 10 years later to start trying for a family - few years pass by and nothing. Start tests and eventually conceive via IVF. Never had lap performed during this time - was put down to unexplained infertility. Had my little boy 3 years ago and have been plagued with ill health since. Some gastro problems (acid reflux predominantly), some strange allergy flare-ups, but mainly gynae-type problems: heavy periods, severe ovulation pain, pain that comes and goes at other times with IBS-type symptoms too. The pain is usually manageable but I did end up at A&E a few months ago with it and was referred to gynae. Have now had appointment and PCOS has been ruled out - given my history with infertility doctor has now recommended a lap to look for signs of endometriosis.

I'm worried about having surgery in case it's not this? Some of my symptoms match, but others don't. Gynaecologist thinks that all my years on the pill may have masked the symptoms during this time and I guess she could be right, but wonder why they've been so exacerbated post childbirth? After all these years I would love answers but surgery scares me!

Thanks for reading, and any advice or words of support would be greatly appreciated!

K x

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Sorry to hear you've had such a hard time; the laperoscopy will be a tiny keyhole in your belly button and they will only use it to put a micro camera in. if they find endo then they will remove it so you will only have actual surgery if you need it =) thats what they did with me anyway x

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I'd agree with disneygirl, the surgery is minimal, recovery time can't be rushed in the weeks after, but it isn't too invasive. It hopefully will find any areas affected and put your mind at rest. Good luck with you decision and future progress, please get in touch if you want to chat further.


Thank you both x



I also started menstruating at an early age-10 years old. I however was not given any BC until my late teens & I have realised that they did mask some of the symptoms. As soon as I came off the pill my tummy started to 'grow' & it turned out that I had diffuse as well as focal Adenomyosis. The focal growth was 5 cm in diameter. I was diagnosed in 2005 at the age of 28 after a myomectomy & biopsy. I also have allergy flare ups & over the years have become intolerant to some meds & various foods like broccoli, cauliflower, mango, avocado & beans. I have attended a few seminars on Endometriosis & the doctors & counsellors had mentioned food & drug intolerance, allergies, immune responses, irritable bowel syndrome among other things. So it is not weird, if you do have Endo then those symptoms are more than likely related to the Endo. You are not imagining things. Not all doctors know about these other seemingly unrelated symptoms, even some Gynaecologists. The doctors at the seminars were IVF specialists. I hope this information helps & good luck. Did you have you surgery already? I had an open myomectomy in 2005 & a keyhole gall bladder removal in 2010. The recovery time after keyhole surgery was much shorter, easier, less painful & smaller scars. Good luck :)


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