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Suspected endo

Hi I'm 21 and suffer from dysmenhorra, pcos, menorhaggia. I am not sexually active. I have been having excruciating periods for over 3 years now but they have always been heavy from when I started my cycle at 13. My recent period ended last week and I was constantly vomiting, clotting, flooding and had severe pelvic pain that radiated down to my thighs. I have a lot of pressure and aching pains in the vagina and have been getting shooting pains in my thigs for a while now. This hasn't stopped since my period finished. I have refused to take the pill as offered by the gynaecologist and bought some vitamins called inofolic as recommended by her.

I am suffering terribly and have made several trips to a&e where they brushed me off with codydramol and lactolose suggesting I had constipation. I have been having shooting and stabbing pains in my rectum also which i made the GP aware about over 2 years ago

I was discharged from the gynaecologist and have got my GP to re refer me as an urgent case but it's very unlikely I'll be seen by the end of the year

I have requested a laparoscopy as I have previously had ultrasounds from 16 which showed cysts on my ovaries.

I am so depressed and literally thinking the worst everyday. I have been in tears from both the physical pain as well as over thinking what could be causing me so much pain. I feel like the doctors think I'm exaggerating but I really can't take anymore. My quality of life is so poor and I just want to be pain free and have a diagnosis.

What do you think I should do.

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What reason did they give for discharging you? Also have they said anything about your request for a laparoscopy?


No reason at all I had my last appointment in April and was due a 3 month follow up but nothing came through. Called them up to see what happened and the receptionist said I was discharged.

I then spoke to my GP who said he doesn't see how because he hasn't got any documentation nor can he see the follow up summary.

I've been in contact with the gynos secretary who's put me on the waiting list for an appointment but can't get an ultrasound or lap in the meantime x


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