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Mirena coil side effects

Hi! I had the coil put in about a month ago during my lap. My period seems the most painful it's ever been this month although I'm not bleeding so I don't Evan know if it's period pain. My boobs are also so sore! My nipples are much larger and really tender. I feel horrible in myself as I'm always hot and my skin/hair gets greasy quickly. Does anyone have experience with the coil? I know i need to give it time to settle but I'm worried I'll always feel like this.

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Hi, I've had the mirena for about 5 months now. My doctors told me to give it 6 months to settle but so far there's not much improvement. For me it's had a lot of bad side effects that make it not really worthwhile as it hasn't helped my endo symptoms at all really. I'm still going to give it another month or so but I don't see things improving. I know for some people it is amazing and others not so much. You should definitely give it some more time, I know it's hard with the side effects but they could settle down! If they do become completely unbearable speak to your doctor, but mines told me to give it more time. I really hope it works for you in time. If it doesn't, don't worry it can be removed.


My period has been incredibly similar, I had my mirena put in during my Lap on Nov 1st and started my period a few days ago, i've been in blinding agony and have had to take some extra time off work! I'm just putting it down to the mirena not having settled and the cramps are my body's reaction to the coil being there, combined with the fact that everything is still tender and not fully healed after my Lap. Let's hold out hope that it gets better! I can't tell you how reassuring it is to find someone who's going to though something similar! When it's been bad, my mind had taken me all over the place worrying!

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Thank you for the reply. It is reassuring to know that someone else is going through it aswell. I just really hope it dies down soon. it been like this for nearly two weeks. xx


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