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Hi guys, I'm waiting for my second laparoscopy (a loooong 6 month wait now :'() I'm 2 terms into my teacher training and struggling more than usual, had to have a guilty day off!! Does anyone else find they get really forgetful with endometriosis? I feel like I go through stages over 4 weeks: a week of mood swings (which to be honest continue throughout), then I'm pretty sharp, then emotional, then incredibly forgetful! To the point where arguments start with my partner because I can't remember plans or conversations! Dementia doesn't run in my family. Just wondering if anyone experiences this??

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Iv been increasingly concerned over my memory and haven't considered endo having any baring but now u mention it people get "baby brain" so maybe hormones could b playing ther part.

I'm two months into my teacher training too, I was only diagnosed in half term so I'm currently playing catch up. I'm also dyslexic so I don't have a great memory anyway, so I tend to write everything down and I have lots of lists generally on post it notes in my planner.

Totally. I suppose it's related to the hormone issues that are causing the endo. I've always blamed it on PMT till now. It's not easy to talk about as the world's sexist enough already lol!

I'm incredibly forgetful since my lap and excision, I've left my bag on the bus three times!!! I think it is the hormones etc

I think this is a symptom of teacher training stress as much as a symptom of endometriosis! The stress of training definitely worsened some of my symptoms. I find when I am stressed I get so tired I no longer function, remember anything and occasionally I cant even string a sentence together! The pain also gets much worse depending on where I am in my cycle if I am stressed... so ive always wondered if this was linked to endo! Good luck with your training!

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