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First gynae appointment - still no info

I have had pain in my right side lower abdomen/upper pelvis for about 2 montha now. GP sent me for initial ultrasound which highlighted a haemorraghic cyst/ possible endometrioma on my right ovary and multiple small cysts on left. I had blood testa following this which showed normal hormone levels. A follow up ultrasound showed the cyst on right ovary had resolved but I still have the pain on that side.

I went to gynae yesterday hoping for some idea but he was really dismissive saying that the pain wasn't where my ovary is and he couldn't find any problem on examination. He has booked me in for a lap but I am utterly terrified of going down this route and the potential complications when I have nothing to indicate that anything will be found (I feel like maybe the cyst led us down this path but may not be related to the pain and nothing has been done to rule out other causes). He also said if they found any endo they wouldn't excise it because it doesn't need to be removed and can be managed with other treatments despite me having told him I was planning on trying to conceive soon. When I reiterated that his response was that pregnancy was one of the best treatments for endo!

I don't have confidence in having the lap done by him and I don't think my symptoms are bad enough to be referred to bsge centre without a confirmed diagnosis

I'm just feeling at a complete loss

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Get the referral to the BSGE centre and do not let someone you are not comfortable with operate on you. Endo doesn't always show on ultrasound - even when it does, they can't see the full extent of it. Please don't feel these centres are just for other people - you have no idea how severe your disease is and deserve the best treatment possible.

Take care of yourself. x.

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