no answers for years!!! too young

no answers for years!!! too young

i've written on here before but i am just desparate of finding someone with a similar story as me to help figure this out. anyways, i have had all endo symptoms for many many years and it is only getting worse to where i am missing atleast half a day of school a week. i've actually missed so many days this year that the school has sent me 2 signed forms saying if i keep missing, they will fail me. even if it's because i've been sick. i'm 17 and have cousins who have endometriosis but i have not been officially diagnosed yet. i've had a lap, D&C, chemical D&C, colonoscopy, been on every birth control known to man since i was 11, have had a million blood tests, MRI's, so many ultrasounds, and they wanted to do an internal ultrasound but she said it would hurt since i haven't ever had sex but she said she saw everything she needed to see. i'm just in constant pain all of the time, i live on pain medicine , a tens unit perscribed by my doctor, heating pads for my lower back and abdomen, and portable heat therapy. i have sharp and deep pains in my left side of my abdomen, as well as almost period-like pains in my abdomen a lot, pelvic pain to where i can't stand, lower back pain, and it also runs down my left leg too. my periods are never on time and when they do come, it's AWFUL. i throw up almost every day, i don't go to school, and i shake and sweat and scream of pain. i've switched 3 doctors now because non of them would take me seriously because i am young. i just need help. please. if u have any idea as to what this could be let me know.

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  • Hi sweet,

    Firstly what area do you live in?

    And do you have a copy of your MRI scan?

    Also was your lap done in a endo treatment centre or by a regular ob/gyni?

    Big hugs sharon

  • well i actually live in the US. but this site was the only place that seemed helpful. and i'm not sure if i have a copy. and my lap was done by my gyn. i haven't been to an endo treatment center because they don't think i have it. she wants to send me to a urologist/gyn , but there's nothing wrong w my bladder. i just have extreme pain every single day.

  • Hi. I've suffered with endo symptoms since the age of eleven. Im now thirty four and was diagnosed when i was thirty. There are no more pills they can offer me and they say my only solution is to have a hysterectomy or colosomy bag. Ive been bleeding and having very real menopausal symptoms like hot flushes for over three years now because three years ago they mistook a cyst for an overy that now bleeds everyday. If I get stressed or am active I bleed more. Sometimes the pain in my legs is so bad I can hardly walk. Apparently im infertile too. Im looking for a solicitor.

  • This was my exact life until I started on the depo but it stopped working a few weeks ago. Find a specialist if you can but don't keep going to doctors who don't believe you. Luckily mine all do and it makes all the difference. I'm 18 and been sick since I was 12. Its gonna be a long road so good luck!

  • Hi Ariyauna123. So sorry you are having such a rough time.

    The are a couple of Facebook closed groups that are US based and have a wealth of information about endo and specialist endo doctors.

    I have edited this post and I will PM you the details as I think I can't post them on here.

    May be worth a look.

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