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Endo found but gynae said haemorrhoids causing bowel bleeding?!

Note: This post is about periods and stools, I apologise!

I had my first diagnostic lap yesterday. I suspected that I had endometriosis due to bowel bleeding that coincided with my period, and stops between cycles only to occur again with my next period. When I wipe my bottom, the blood matches the colour of my period, even down to the same clotting. With bowel endometriosis being my main concern, I was referred to a gynaecologist but he felt it was very unlikely that I had Endo on the bowel and booked me in for a diagnostic lap anyway, which took place yesterday.

My gynae found an endometrioma on the left ovary (2.5cm) and endometriosis on the pelvis but according to him not enough to warrant looking at the bowels. He removed the endometrioma, took photos of the bowel and was done.

He came to see me afterwards and said, "Just like I told you all along, I didn't think your bowel bleeding could be due to endometriosis. I think it is due to an internal haemerrhoid. I will see you in 1 month." I didn't know how to respond and politely said, thank you. I noticed later that people were being shown photos of surgery and asked his nurse to show me mine. There were no photos of the bowel or rectovaginal area and when I asked her why this was, she said that during surgery the doctor didn't feel that there was "enough endometriosis" on the pelvis for it to be on the bowel! I have read of instances where you have none on the pelvis, and yet have it elsewhere. To say I am angry is an understatement.

I am writing to him today to ask whether he has evidence of a haemerrhoid that can bleed with the blood changing colour, and sometimes being accompanied by clotting - only during menstruation because he concluded the surgery and stopped further investigation on those grounds.

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Hi, I have severe Endo. I had bleeding from my bottom that sometimes literally poured out and then when I wiped myself. to cut a long story short, When I eventually was refered to a gyny, he said that endo couldn't cause bleeding from the bowel. I had a Lap which took 3.5 hours, and they found 2 large chocolate cysts, bowel Endo, which had fused my bowel with the back of the womb. After the op the bowel bleeding stopped. Why some Gynys don't regonise this is shocking !!!


Me too! I am so angry with this gynaecologist!


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