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First laparoscopy on Monday.

Hi all!

I hope everyone is as well as we can be! looking for some advice.... I have my first laparoscopy on Monday, which is what I wanted and it took quite a bit of pushing to get on the waiting list, now the date is finally here I'm very nervous which I know is obviously normally! I've never had an operation before, or been under an anaesthetic before, I've had my pre op etc, and the nurse was really nice and answered alot of my questions.

I'm super nervous, apprehensive but glad I'm getting somewhere, I'm so worried that I won't come back round fron the anaesthetic, or that they won't find something or find something nasty. I know it's normal to have these thoughts, this week seems to dragging so much though! Can anyone give me their experience and advise when having a laparoscopy?


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Glad you have managed to get a appointment for a laparoscopy I know it's a long road to get there.

The nerves are normal I was totally terrified I was a wreck on the day of mine. I can honestly say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

It's painful after you are sore and your tummy really swells which is to be expected.

Make sure you have plenty of pain medication for after. my heat pad was a absolutely My best friend during this time it helps with the aches.

Also peppermint tea is essential for the gas pain you experience after which can be really uncomfortable but he tea helps significantly.

Lastly make sure you rest because if you overdo it too quickly you can delay your healing process which you won't want.

I know it's worrying what they will find but at the same time you will get answers to what's going on inside and hopefully you will feel a lot better after your lap.

I hope this helps and that it all goes well for you, good luck xx


Hey, I had my first ever surgery (laparoscopy for endo) Monday just gone. I was most nervous about the going out bit as I didn't know what to expect, but the anaesthetists were so lovely and it genuinely was just like going to sleep but much much quicker, one minute I was in the theatre the next I was waking up in recovery!

It's totally normal to be nervous, and the nurses and doctors will be aware of that, don't be afraid to ask questions and talk to them.

I'm sure everything will be fine and it will all go well,. One tip is when they give you something to eat afterwards to take a mouthful of drink before you swallow as your mouth is really really dry and it's surprisingly hard to eat lol 😂

Best wishes x


Hi I had my first laparoscopy a week ago today. I was the same so nervous as to what they may or may not find. I'm case they found more than expected but the good news is they have done what they have removed what they can and on my follow up appointment with my consultant we will discuss a way forward. It really isn't as bad as you think. As the others say plenty of rest. I still feel extremely tired but my line runs out this week so will be back to work next week. Good luck !!! Xx


I have had three, and they aren't the simple walk in the park some doctors and nurses would have you believe, but they aren't that bad either. You should see the consultant or a member of their team and the anaesthetist before surgery, tell them if you're nervous they will do their best to make it as stress free as possible for you. The anaesthetic is easy, like others have said one minute your feeling a bit woozy, sleepy, the next thing you know you're waking up in recovery. I have always found the theatre staff to be the most caring, and dedicated to ensuring you are comfortable and as least stressed as possible.

My last lap was last week, and apart from a wound infection I'm feeling ok now, still slow and taking it easy but most of the pain has eased. I work from home and have been doing a few hours a day since 2-days post-op obviously if I had to go into the office I would have taken longer.

One tip for the day - take a book or kindle or something to keep you occupied I had a long wait from arriving on the ward at noon i didn't go to theatre until 4.30 and ended up staying overnight. I would of gone mad if i didn't have my book to read, as no visitors allowed (i won't start on that rant lol!)

Good luck, and I hope you get the answers you are looking for.

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Hi marmiteginger, im having my lap on monday aswell,so know how you feel. its my first 'have a look around' lap since a lap i had 2years ago after a ruptured cyst. will be thinking of you, hope all goes well for you..the lovely people on this site always help each other, its always nice to know we are not going through these horrible things alone.

hugs x



I had mines in July and I was on the waiting list 1 day before they called me to go and get it done. I was so nervous all I wanted was my mum but when they get you they're the nurses are so kind and helpful it takes some of your worries away, The surgeon will come round and speak to you and tell you what's going to happen and then you'll get taken to surgery! Once they put the sleeping medicine In I couldn't remember anything, but waking up was my sorest point and crying in pain because it was so sore. They will want you to get up and dressed when you feel comfortable and then to go pass urine. I hope everything goes well for yourself and you find out what's wrong



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