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Consultation for a lap coming up


Hi guys, just found this site :)

Im 19 and have been trying to be treated for 2 years, the usual symptoms of unbearable pain (crying and curling in to a ball, you guys know) and I finally have got through to have a consultation for surgery. I'm just a bit worried theyre not going to take me seriously :/ Ive had doctors tell me to take a paracetamol and hot bath, even when im telling them sometimes cocodamol doesnt work... to be honest and not over react. Ive been made to feel that on the days I dont feel pain (these seem to be getting more few and far between) that Im over reacting and should just cancel because somebody else needs it more.

If I do get through to a lap (which is what my new doctor has told me I should) how long is recovery? I work and study acting and do pole fitness etc and wondered how long I would need away from this. If nothing is found, what do I do next?

Sorry for all the questions, just feeling a bit lost xx

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