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IBS or just ENDO on my bowel

Hi over the past year I have been woken up during the night with really bad tummy an had to get up to go the toilet an each time after I have been feeling faint or short of breath I went doctors an they said sounds like IBS,but reading on here some women have been the same, as I have Grade 4 endo,so could it be that the endo is now on my bowel as when I went in hospital around 2007 for a hysterectomy they could not do it as the endo was stuck to my bowel.....so what I am really asking is could the fainting an bad pains for the loo be down to my endo?

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I had similar pain for a number of years and I put it down as IBS. However, I have recently been diagnosed and treated for endometriosis effecting bowel and other areas. Since then my IBS like symptoms have much improved. I was treated in a BSGE centre by specialist gynaecologist and colon surgeon. Maybe you could be refer to see one?

All the best



I was diagnosed with IBS a couple of years ago, and, like the previous poster, always attributed my gastric symptoms (stomach ache, bloating, diarrhoea) to that - but later found I have endo on my bowel, with adhesions.

I take IBS medication and am still being re-prescribed this, even though the docs now know about my endo - so, I don't think IBS and endo are mutually exclusive, as docs obviously think I suffer from both. Logic suggests that endo on the bowel would probably make an existing case of IBS worse.

Were you not given any other options after your hysterectomy couldn't go ahead in 2007? I would suggest you go back to the docs, and as the previous poster said, ask for a specialist referral.

Wishing you luck!



Hi thanks for replying . The only thing that I was offered was the Mirena coil which I have now.....when I go back next month I will get them to look into if further.


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