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help wanted

3 months ago i had an operation to remove a cyst and remove endo from my tubes as i was in a lot of pain. after the op i had my first period and the pain returned. i had a scan yesterday and they have found the cyst has returned 8cm. what should i do. me and my husband have been trying for a baby for 2 years no luck. could this ovary by the problem? should i have just the cyst removed again or will it keep happening. should i have the all ovary out has anyone had this problem? or had a ovary removed and fell pregnant on one ovary. really not sure what to do. any advice would help please

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If the cysts are small they useually leave them alone I had a 4cm cyst on right ovary went away on its own but if urs keeps causing problems then ideally they should just remove it falling pregnant with one ovary and one tube can be difficult but not impossible has the hospital discussed how long they are going to leave you to fall pregnant I no after I had my lap they said they would leave me a year to fall pregnant if not I would be refered to a fertility specialist but cause Iv had aheadions cut away and endo removed nearly two years ago


thank you for replying both times my cyst has been just over 8cm. the hospital gave me 3 months to fall pregnant if not then to go on the hormone injections which i have turned down which they then discharged me. which i then went to see a fertitly doc and the referral can take up to 8 weeks to hear anything. but i'm in a lot of pain again. so having to go back to sorting this out. they won't deal with two problems at once they seem. but would make sense when taking ovary out coz of the cyst they remove some eggs also. but they seem to want to sort one thing out at a time. instead of saving them self time and money :/ who knows what's going to happen. but going to be a long painful wait. went a and e today as in agony but just sent me home with pain killers even thou my cyst has grown back so big in 3 months. surely only going to get bigger :(


Would make sense for them to do it all in one go instead of doing it bit by bit shouldn't be even considering giving u hormone injections if u are trying for a family but if ur cysts keep growing then the next thing they should do is refer you for ivf hope things do get sorted for u xx


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