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Just need to talk to someone 😞

I had a lap a month ago and they found endo. Last week it felt like I had severe period pain however I wasn't bleeding. I had to go to the doctors anyway so I mentioned it to her and after she examined me, she said I have a lot of discharge by my womb and the pain may be caused by an infection as I had the coil put on aswell during my lap. I had antibiotics and she took a swab. The pain seemed to ease off but today it really hurts again! I was fine lying in bed but as soon as I got up, it just hit me. Why is this? I'm not bleeding but my legs feel shaky and I feel weak. Is this because of the pain? I have taken painkillers but I can't take another as they make me sleepy and I need to go work. What's going on with me? Is this period pain or something else? Thank you and sorry to go on! xx

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I would chase up your gp and that swab as it might be the infection hasn't quite cleared and you need a second round of stronger antibiotics. Take care. X


I called them and they said it was all normal 😞 X


Did they have any suggestion as to the cause for the ongoing pain? Is there a number at the place you had the lap that you can call for some advice if you are worried? Hugs x


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