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Sooooooo angry

Need to vent my anger!!!!!!!!!!

so today I was just about to start packing a bag ready for going in for my laparoscopy tomorrow morning and 4pm the phone rings to say they've had cancel it because they don't have a theatre available!!!! I mean it's not even 24 hours notice I literally saw red I have had problems since February and it took til August to actually get the consultants to all agree to me having a second surgery as they were trying to get me to have things that I'd already tried or didn't want to try (it had already been cancelled once last month) I'm so angry and upset and fed up I've had an awful year and it is just being dragged on and on! I'm in quite a lot of pain at the moment any advice how I can cope til my next date? I already take paracetamol and codeine regularly and also almost live with a hot water bottle strapped to me at home

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Sorry you are dealing with this and so am I I've had the laparoscopy done 4x and surgery will no longer be an option for me it made my insides so much worse from all the scare tissue I've always had issues with fertility I've gotten pg 3x that I know of and lost the baby's Everytime and now I can not even get pg for the last 6yra we've been trying and I truly believe it's because all of the surgery's my doc was so easy to schedule surgery Everytime and I think that was my mistake I shld have tried other things instead of causing more issues in the long run because of all the scare tissue so please be careful when it comes to the surgery's and if u ever want to talk I'm here dealing with the same problems of endo still us ladies need to stick together




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