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How long?


Hi everyone.

Can anyone tell me how long you have to leave the dressings on the wounds after a lap? I was given no information when I was discharged - it was about 11pm and they just told me I could go home and that was that. I have been changing the dressings every couple of days but have no idea how long before they can come off completely.

Thanks in advance


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Not too sure about dressings.. i had dissolvable stitches put in. I kept making sure i had a wash at least once a day even through the pain and wiped gently over the wounds. Dont do too much heavy lifting make sure you are being looked after. I waited about 2 weeks and then got the nurse to tidy up the stitches on my wounds because they hadnt fallen off. Hardly anything there now. Id make an appointment with the nurse or see your gp and ask him to check over your wounds x

I had dissolvable stitches in with dressings over. She gave me spare ones but said I only need to change them if they start lifting off. I only changed one of them once but other than that I left them on for ten days. I would defiantly give them a call and see if they can help you xx

I just had a lap done 5 days ago. I had dressings on the belly button only. I was told not to remove it for two days but it got wet and fell off the day after. All of my stitches were dissolvable and covered with glue, including the belly button. Take it easy but walk if you can (take your meds!)---it definitely helped with releasing whatever CO2 is left in my body. (Your shoulders will ache and you'll breathe shallow breaths if there is trapped CO2). I also used some arnica to help with swelling and an herbal cream for pain in the belly/pelvic area.

I agree with sunshine, only change them if you need to. I was discharged after my operation without any information on the dressings too. However I phoned the ward and asked what the would advise. Basically keep them on for as long as possible and don't get them wet for 72 hours. When there is no more discharge coming from them you can remove them however if they are catching on clothes etc then keep them on.

Hey, I had my laparoscopy today - I was advised by the nurse to keep the dressings on for the first 48 hours and to keep the sites clean and dry, but that after that they can be removed. She gave me some spares and said if I find clothes are irritating the incision sites after I remove them (or if they get wet in the first 48hours) then to pop the spares on. As long as they are healed you should be ok, but if you're not sure cant/don't want to see your GP a local pharmacist should be able to give you some advice :)

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