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Decapeptyl injections - to take or not to take?

Hello all, I am 32 and new here. Earlier this year I had a d & c for a partial molar pregnancy which thankfully did not turn malignant - I have had to have regular blood tests and hold off on the trying to conceive. Now my bloods for that have been fine and I'm approaching readiness to ttc is that regard, my gynae did a lap a couple of months ago and found I have small areas of endometriosis. He prescribed the above injections but I am unsure about them. First of all it would mean waiting even more to ttc and also I am wary of what possible side effects they could cause. Can anyone who has had experience share any tips or advice? Thanks :)

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Why is the gynae prescribing it - to treat endo or to improve fertility? In terms of the endo then I assume he/she treated the lesions at the lap and in such circumstances the best time to ttc if after a lap. In terms of giving the injections to improve fertility then the European guideline (ESHRE) confirms at section 3.1 that there is no evidence to support this and recommends:

'In infertile women with endo, clinicians should not prescribe hormonal treatment for suppression of ovarian function to improve fertility.'

So there would appear to be no indication for the injections and in any event such treatment must only be agreed after informed consent from you and you are instinctively unsure. I should get on with TTC.

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Thanks so much for your response which is interesting. My understanding was that the lap was diagnostic - he didn't give me any treatment. I don't know why, but he reckons the injections are the way to go for me- maybe because my endo is not severe? I have no idea. Thanks again for your input x


The fact that your endo is not severe (in his opinion - but it may depend on how thorough it was) would have been all the more reason to treat it at the time of the lap.


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