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I had a laparoscopy in May this year and was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. My consultant said it was 'everywhere' and he removed as much as he could but not all of it as there was so much. I also had cysts on my ovary which were drained.

Since the surgery I have been on monthly decapeptyl injections which were to help clear up the remaining endometriosis. I'm having 6 months of injections so my last one will be next month and then see my consultant in Feb, so 2 months after the last injection and will see how things are then.

me and my partner don't have any children but would like to in the future, no particular plans until this happened. I'm 27. Would this be the best time for me to try for a baby? I'm so worried that I won't be able to get pregnant and feel that would I regret leaving it a few more years and then finding I have problems. Just looking for any advice or if anyone has had similar treatment and experiences with getting pregnant afterwards.

Any experiences or thoughts welcome :) feeling confused!! Thank you x

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  • Hi glf7590, hope you are well. of course it will be your decision but I will just tell you my experience.

    I was diagnosed with endo in 2006 I was 26. I don't know about yours but mine progressed very quickly. In 2007 just before my wedding I had a lap. My surgeon removed 80% of my right ovary, adhesions from my womb so I was diagnosed with severe endo. I had another lap 2009 and 2011 where they removed my left tube due to endo. This also affected my amh because now I only had one ovary and the remaining tube was on the opposite side. I knew that getting pregnant will be not easy. I am also suffering from excruciating pain every month. I went through three round of unsuccessful ivf. I have also had three miscarriages in the past, not sure if it is linked to my adynomyosis.

    Sorry for long boring post but I will end it in a positive note. yes after all this I did pregnant and I have a beautiful child.

    Take carex

  • Hi, i had surgery last year in December, stage 4 Endometriosis.. it was everywhere, They removed what they could, drained a large endometrioma on my right ovary. My right tube is completely blocked as well. They told me to basically try to get pregnant naturally for 6 month and then IVF. I'm 29 so my fiancé agreed to try for a baby. We were lucky and managed to get pregnant 4-5 months after surgery. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant and the baby is fine although my endometriosis is back as they have discovered another 7cm endometrioma on my right ovary.. I would suggest changing your diet it helped me so much I wasn't in any pain before I got pregnant, and make sure you are under the care of a good gynaecologist. There is a hope and it is possible to get pregnant naturally 😊 just don't leave it until too late. Good luck xx

  • Thank you for your reply.

    How would you suggest changing my diet?

    Thats what's worrying me, leaving it too late. On one hand I don't want to do it just because I feel like I have to but on the other hand I feel that after this treatment it's probably going to start coming back and therefore reduce my chance of conceiving. I think if I have problems in a few years I'd always wonder if things would be different if I try earlier when there's as little endometriosis as possible. If that makes sense?! Xx

  • I know exactly how you feel, maybe if you both feel like it's the right time to start trying then why not? If you are not sure this is the best time I would probably follow the diet for a year or so and then think again? I didn't want any hormonal treatment so I did a proper research online and read few books. Endometriosis diet is anti-inflammatory, promotes less estrogen( endo grows with estrogen) and builds up your immune system. As I said earlier, I was completely pain-free, but it didn't stop the cyst growing back on my ovary. So, food to avoid: red meat, sugar, coffein, alcohol, dairy products, tap water, soy and yeast.

    Food to eat: organic chicken, fish, beans, walnuts, cashews, flaxseeds, almonds, fruits+veg, ginger, turmeric, almond milk, water (britta kettle), chamomile, ginger, raspberry leaf tea, lentils, replace pasta and rice for brown, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds..I also took supplements of evening primrose oil, magnesium, echinacea drops and from natural remedies I used castor oil packs( really helps with pain), hot baths, hot water bottles, swimming, acupuncture, massage and of course stress management and staying and thinking positive plays a big part! It was very hard for me to follow the diet as I used to have a very sweet tooth but being pregnant now I'm so glad I did. Did they test your tubes when you had your laparoscopy? I believe they cal it a dye test or something like that. Xx

  • I've been trying for a few years and I would say if this is something you both want and you feel ready start the journey as soon as possible as it could be a very long journey. Good luck! 💗

  • Hi, just thought I'd let you know my experience as well, hope it helps you make your decision. I've had endometriosis since starting my periods at 13 but didn't get diagnosed until I was 20. I've had 5 lap surgeries since I was 20 (I'm 29 now and 30 in January) in 2012 I had surgery and was told concieving would be very difficult. My partner and I have been 'trying' since then, knowing it wouldn't happen straight away. I was 26 and he was 33 but it's been over 3 years now and we'be not been successful. During the last three years I've also had to have 2 further surgeries and jump through loads of hoops with the NHS before being referred for ivf. We've just had our very first IVF appointment on Thursday 10th Nov. So it's basically taken us three years from deciding to try to get to this point because the NHS take so long between appointments and to actually do anything.

    We are hoping to start the IVF process with down regulating injections towards the end of January 2017 ( exact date depends on my cycle) and I need the long protocol which is 35 days so would mean final egg transfer in march and if successful then a baby next December 2017 so by then it will have taken 4.5 years to get there I will be nearly 31 and my partner will be 38.

    So if you want children in the next 3-5 years I would suggest looking in to it now. But if it's not something you want just yet then you have time to wait xxx

    Good luck and I hope everything happens just right for you xxxx

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with me.

    Before my diagnosis I imagined having children by the time I'm 30. But now I think I should start earlier in case I have difficulties. My consultant was reluctant to discuss fertility at my last appointment and said that there's a link between people with endometriosis and problems concieveing. But it's impossible to know until you start trying.

    I guess straight after my treatment will give me the best chance of being able to pregnant naturally. It's scares me not knowing what's going to happen.

    Sounds like you've had a long, hard journey. Good luck and I hope your ivf is successful. Xxxx

  • Btw it seems like your consultant is way nicer than mine, as mine basically sat me down, made me look at the pictures from the surgery and said you need to get pregnant now or never, will give you 5-6 months then IVF. I cried my eyes out on the way from the hospital that day as I work as a nursery teacher and love kids to bits... good luck to everyone fighting this awful awful thing!!!

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