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First appointment - 18 year old with suspected endo

Hi there,

I've been referred to see a gynaecologist after visiting my doctor due to bleeding after sex. I've since realised that the almost constant lower abdomen pain, painful periods and ovulation could all be due to this too (turns out they're not normal??).

I'm quite nervous about what will happen at my first appointment - what tends to happen at a first appointment? Is 18 too young to be diagnosed and do you think they'll try and fob me off with birth control pills? And, if they decide I do need a laparoscopy, what are the average NHS waiting times for this?

Thanks so much for your help <3

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Hi velvetbuttercup, on your first appointment the gynae will ask about your symptoms - it may be helpful for you to have these written down so that you do not forget anything. He will most probably perform an internal exam and send you for an ultrasound or MRI. I don't think 18 is too early to be diagnosed at all - its quite good that you are being seen for endo this early in your life. A lot of women take a long time for a diagnosis, so you may actually be lucky in that respect.

They will give you birth control pills - this is just protocol and does not mean they are fobbing you off. They may say to have it for 3 to 6 months after which you will be seen again. If your symptoms have not improved at all, then you will probably be offered a laparoscopy which should be done within 18 weeks of referral. I hope this helps, let me know if you want more specific information. Cat x



I'm 20 and in the same situation. Their going to be asking you about symptoms and how often you experience them and how much the pain affects you day to day life.

Honestly I went for my first gynae appointment and they gave me pain killers and told me to stay on the pill (I had a boyfriend at the time so was using contraception). Their not trying to fob you off but trying to give you some form of relief from the symptoms. They probably wont give you a lap though. They didn't give me one so I recently went back to the GP as the symptoms actually got worse!! Now their sending me back to the gynaecologist where my GP has requested a lap for me.

Your going to find on here that many women on here have had to persevere to get their diagnosis and receive treatment. Its sad but true so your going to have to be really nag them. Don't just use the pain killers for 3-6 months then forget to go back or feel like giving up you have to go back!

Good luck!! <3 <3


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