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3 weeks post op

It's only been 3 weeks but it feels so much longer! I certainly feel better than I did before. But I'm getting horrendous Nasuas and terrible shooting pains in my abdomen. This is obviously nothing compared to the constant pain I was in before. But I'm dreading my first period after the op as I've read a lot that it can be awful for the first few month and even upto 6 months after the op, while your body heals and gets back to normal. My hormones have also been all over the place which isn't unusual for me, but I find myself crying at anything! Like random tv adverts and I've no idea why I'm so upset. I'm still getting tired through the day and find I can't do too much or I ache. But I've found taking a few supplements give me a boost, I take omegas, magnesium and iron sachets.

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Hi hun. Sounds like progress!!

Hormones been out of whack is completely normal,mine were for around 3 months.

Drove myself nuts. Just need be kind to yourself and try to take it easy.

The more you do the quicker youll be bk to normal.

Watever normal is

Hugs xx


Thank you for your words of encouragement, it makes me feel better knowing it will get better.

Hope you keeping well xx


Hi, this sounds like me! I'm nearly three months from op and I experienced nausa too. It does take a while for things to settle, it's only by looking back to how I felt in the first weeks/month to how I feel now that I realise actually I've progressed! Give yourself time and don't rush yourself, everybody is different and some heal quicker than others, just do what's right for you. 😊

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It's encouraging to hear people say this as I do wonder you know is it growing back or did they leave some that's spreading. But I'm glad to hear these things are just Normal xx


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