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Help for a friend please

Hi ladies,

I'm hoping someone can relate and offer advice please?

I have a young friend who's been struggling for a while with severe period pain and nausea and I really want to help her but I only know about endo and she's been told she has suspected PCOS.

She's recently had a US where a 4cm cyst has been found on her left ovary. Her symptoms sound just like my endo symptoms (pain in legs, lower back, pelvic area and lower ab) but I don't want to make any assumptions about endo just because that's all I know about.

My question really is, what is the best advice I can give her on getting diagnosis and treatment? I've had years of GPs fobbing me off while my fertility and my health suffered and don't want to see a young girl go through the same. Our local hospital, where she's been referred, offers basic gyny and I've known people have ovaries removed where mine were fortunately saved by going to the right consultant thanks to the great advice provided on this forum.

I know from reading your stories that some of you suffer with both endo and PCOS so any advice or guidance would be fantastic.

Thank you xxx

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The only way I can advise from my experance Iv had endometriosis for 8 years and had two laprostopy in that time a us dosent always show endo it will show up cysts as I had 3 cm cyst on left ovary but been in same situation of being fobbed off I think ur friend should go to her gp and ask to be refered to gynae i think as with her back pain and other symptoms are do sim alar to mine my guess would be endo in pouch of Douglas if the lap revels stage 3 or 4 endo then this should only be treated in a endometriosis specialist centre as General gynae tend to miss areas were endo can also grow x

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Thank you for the info xx


I do hope your friend get answers soon xx


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