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Endo pain (post op and cyst removal)

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2014 after needing an ovarian cyst removed. Apparently I was only at stage 2, so it was easy to remove with no complications. I was advised to start the combination pill to keep the endo at bay - which I have been on ever since.

I have been pain free since the laparoscopy in 2014 and so when I woke up with the most agonising pain last Wednesday I was gutted. I went to A&E as it was so awful, and was given tests and a scan - which showed no cyst or anything abnormal.

It is now Sunday and the pain is sitting nicely on my right hand side. I can walk and do things but the pain is awful and I'm wondering if it is endo and if anyone else has experienced the same thing? I have tried to read up on endo, but it is so vague and I hardly know anything about the condition! I feel sick, and the pain is more of a dull ache rather than sharp. I am taking strong painkillers and it still can be felt.

I know endo cannot show up on scans, but if that is the case how will I know it is that, and if it is will this pain go away on its own?

Thanks so much in advance! I am such a worrier xx

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What following steps did the hospital do? Do you have an onward referral or further tests? There are cases when it recurs so I imagine it's possible . Sounds like you need to see an endo specialist and not a general gynae.


Hi im the same right hand side - I'm trying to convince my gyne it is endo of the bowel. By luck really I found an interesting article that gyne surgeons don't particularly look at the bowel and also not familiar with what endo on the bowel is - so they don't find it. I suspect its hard to deal with surgery wise as well as only exicsion of it or even resection of the bowel can deal with it - and you need an expert. A lot of the tests they do don't show endo of the bowel as it can be just on the bowel wall not inside ( so a colposcopy wont find it as usually doesn't get actually into the bowel just the wall. I'm 15 years down this line and I'm seriously thinking of taking legal action against in particular a consultant that saw me in the early days. I resonate with what you say that strong pain killers don't touch it. The only thing ie found that makes it go away is to not take the pill ( hormones ) or hrt and to be either in zolodex or surgical menopause like I am currently - but then that throws up a whole load of other issues such as night sweats and bone density problems - if I find the answer I will shout it from the roof tops - you have my deepest sympathy :) hugs


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