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Feeling messed around?!

Hi all,

I'm confused as to whether or not I have endo because non of my gynaes have outright said I have it? I've seen two consultant's, one of whom did a laparoscopy and did not find much but did find "possible Endo in the pouch of douglas" but didnt investigate this any further.

I moved back to Bradford from Chester as graduated university and I saw another consultant here. He told me a lot about the disease and that I'm on the he right treatment (the mirena) and that he didn't want to do anymore surgeries given my age (22) and my academic situation (I'm currently on my way to becoming a barrister). But he never expressly said I had it. But now I have to have follow ups every 6 months unless my symptoms worsen. Do I take this as an indicator that I do have it and there's nothing more they can do at the moment?

I need answers because I'm looking to gour into the RAF and I know endo is an automatic bar.

I just feel I've been given the run around and I don't even know what's going on anymore.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks xx

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I would go to your GP and ask them to look at your notes from both consultants to see if they have actually said on paper that you have endo. After seeing a gynae consultant they should write a letter to your GP to say what they have found. These letters go on your medical record so they can be accessed by any GP wherever you live. My medical record says I have endo officially so you could ask the GP if it is the case for you, I hope this helpsx


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