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Hey guys still waiting for ny op on week 22 out of 40 so over half way now.

Do any of you suffer strongly with broodiness, it is killing me atm.

I desperately want children hence the surgery to improve my fertility but knowing im on medication which is making me menopausal its getting me down and worried i may never have children.

any of u felt the same, or is it me just being stypidly horemonal again lol xx

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Oh my goodness, yes!! I would sit in the waiting room at the hospital surrounded by babies and pregnant women and it was heart breaking! Then all my friends would start popping them out, unbearable. But once I was all cleared and off my Zoladex it certainly got better. Just knowing that I could, I found o could breathe easier. I really do feel for you, I'd love to tell you how to make it go away but atm, I'm not sure I can. But know you are not alone xx


So glad im not the only one. All i ever wanted was to have children and for it to be taken atm even just temporarly i feel robbed. Hopefully surgery date will come through soon and i can start planning my life again.

Thank you so much xx


Ahh I know this feeling, my mums partner has so many grand kids so there's babies everywhere. Whenever I see baby clothes etc I always want my own but I feel like I'm too young as I'm only 18, even though I know I'd be a good mum and age doesn't matter.. ahhh I'd just love a baby... but my fertility chances are so low :(


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